Must-Have vscode Extensions

This is a list with vscode extensions that I find really useful and I think you may like them too. I’m currently mainly coding Python, but chances are there will be additions for JavaScript/HTML, Go, and C++ in the future. I don’t include the ones that everyone has installed already, like gitlens, Remote - SSH, TODO Highlight, …

  • Python Environment Manager Gives you a good overview of your Python environments (yes, also conda).
  • Error Lens gitlens, but for errors and warnings.
  • Python Docstring Generator: Create skeletons for Python docstrings.
  • Rainbow CSV: Make CSVs more readable in vscode.
  • SVG: Preview SVGs with different background and easily edit them. Great for tweaking plots and figures.
  • mplstyle (Matplotlib): Did you know you can write stylesheets / themes for your matplotlib plots? Now you do and this extension can help you.
  • GistPad: Edit, create, delete [and more] GitHub gists in vscode.
  • Marp for VS Code: Create presentations in Markdown within vscode.
  • indent-rainbow: Coloured indents, especially useful for json, yaml, and Python.

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